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Metro Detroit area computer service for residential and business customers, offering a variety of solutions. Whether you have a single PC or a large business network, we can give you the quality and professional service you are seeking.

Computer service and support

We provide computer service and support that businesses and residents all over downriver and south-eastern Michigan have come to depend on. We can come to your business, home, or connect remotely to your computer. Remote support cuts down on travel charges and costs. No matter the issue, one of our trained technicians is available to help you.

We are in Allen Park and are available during regular business hours Monday through Friday 9 to 5 and for emergency support after normal business hours. We pride ourselves in having discussions using real terms that everyone can relate to. Stop trying to figure out what your computer guy just told you. Get a good explanation from our computer team and decide together what's the best course of action for your computer needs.

We are your IT department.

Computer repair

We service all makes and models. From repairs and upgrades to data backup and recovery. We will diagnose your computer and help you to decide if it's worth fixing or if a replacement computer is your best option.

Computer repair is a small part of the services we provide. We can help you tie in your smart phone, tablet, and PC into "one machine" working together to make you more productive in EVERYTHING YOU DO! Whether it's business or residential, you should be using your smartphone with your PC to make your office more productive and efficient.

We service a wide variety of businesses including manufacturing, legal, medical, dental, insurance, non-profit, civil engineering, wholesalers, construction, and on and on... We've taken systems that worked in one industry and put them to use in another making them more efficient in what they do. Let our experience in computer service and support improve your business.

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VHS to DVD Transfer
Convert those old VHS tapes to
DVD fast and easy. Starting at $15 for the first tape, and each additional master copy is only $5. Great for those keepsake videos that need to last a lifetime. VHS tapes deteriorate while sitting on your shelf! Digital Video does not! Makes for a great gift on any occasion.
Limited Time Offer
Backup Plan Evaluation - FREE!!
We will come in and evaluate your current backup plan and let you know what you can expect WHEN disaster strikes! Take advantage of this offer. We schedule a limited amount each month!
It will take an hour of our time at your office and only a 15 minute discussion with you.